Intellectual Property

During its history, AlphaCHIP has developed more than 140 libraries of standard cell and I/O elements, more than 250 compilers for almost all possible memory circuit architectures, more than 100 complex functional blocks as well as a number of software tools & packages for design automation. All developments were carried out in accordance with customer’s specifications and for the most modern silicon technologies and IT standards of that time. A number of project results surpassed the existing analogues in certain parameters, such as: speed, area, power consumption, resistance to extreme temperatures and radiation exposure, which required a usage of innovative IT- and design solutions. A number of results have been patented jointly with the customers. A number of the patents have been obtained in Europe, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China and the United States, for example:

A recently developed, but not yet patented know-how in the areas of information and semiconductor technologies includes: